Games Like Mistplay

  • 5 How Mistplay Users Receive Compensation
  • 6 How to Monetize Activities Outside of Mistplay
  • 8 How Much Do Mistplay Users Make?
  • 9 Rules of Engagement
  • 10 Frequently Asked Questions
  • 12 Mistplay

What is Mistplay?

  • Discover new games on your Mistplay games list.
  • Collect units! The more you play, the more you earn.
  • Redeem your units for awesome rewards.
  • Chat with your friends, or find new ones in the game chat.
  • Level up your avatar to unlock achievements and earn units faster.
  • Invite friends to Mistplay and earn more together!
  • Stay connected and follow your favorite players!
  • Compete with other players to rank in the game leaderboards.

Who uses Mistplay?

Age Requirement

How to Become Eligible to Monetize Mistplay

How Mistplay Users Receive Compensation

What is a Unit?

What is GXP?

What are PXPs?

How to Monetize Activities Outside of Mistplay


How to Redeem Units on Mistplay


How Much Do Mistplay Users Make?

Mistplay alternatives

How Does Mistplay Make Money?

Rules of Engagement




Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mistplay legit?

Does Mistplay payout real money?

How much can you make from Mistplay?

How soon can I redeem my rewards from Mistplay?

Mistplay Review Wrap Up


  • Cool Rewards
  • Free Google Play
  • Fun Mobile Games
  • Discover New Apps

Games Like Mistplay For Ios

  • 2 Looking for Apps Like Mistplay?
  • 2.20 Gaming App FAQs

What is Mistplay?

Looking for Apps Like Mistplay?




Verasity GameStore

Games Like Mistplay

Solitare Cube

KONAMI — Real Vegas Slots

Zynga Poker

Swagbucks LIVE

Blackout Blitz










Wrapping Up the Apps

Gaming App FAQs

What apps pay you real money to play games?

  • Like any app available in the AppStore, there are a lot of gaming apps available. We recommend that you try out Mistplay and then download GameHag, Lucktastic, and Swagbucks. But if they aren’t the perfect match for you, many other gaming apps pay you real money to choose from.

Is Mistplay a legit app?

  • Yes! While you may not make enough money to pay rent, Mistplay is a legit way to earn a little extra money each month, just by playing games! It never hurts to have a little extra cash in your pocket or a sweet gift card to your favorite online store.

What game app pays the most?

  • All gaming apps that pay you money have varying pay amounts, most of which rely on how many points you earn in-app. We think that Swagbucks offers the highest payout, but it all depends on how much you pay and how quickly you rack up points.

Can you really win money on game apps?

  • You sure can! Look, you might not be winning cold, hard cash, but you will be earning sweet gift cards and Paypal cash-outs by playing games. Some of the best apps are Mistplay, GameHag, and Swagbucks! There’s no risk involved in downloading these apps and giving them a try for yourself.

What apps let you win real money?

Mistplay For Iphone

  • None of the apps will send you an envelope filled with cash, but you can earn real money through gift cards from all of the apps we listed in this article!




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